Student Messages and Deliveries

Policies Regarding Parent Messages and Delivery of Forgotten Items
Messages of a non-emergent nature or deliveries to learners (i.e. balloons, flowers, lunches, forgotten homework phones, musical instruments, etc.) will not be delivered to students' classrooms. Please confirm plans with your students prior to their arrival at school and assure that all homework, musical instruments, PE clothes and other pertinent items are with your child when they arrive.

If families deliver forgotten items, our main office staff will be happy to receive these items and hold them in the main office for the learner to pick up. We have communicated to all staff that if learners forget a needed item, that the students or the teachers should check with the main office to see if it is has been delivered.

Food deliveries (including fast food) from parents, friends, and families, even at lunch, are not permitted.

Why is this policy in place?
The Grant TK-8 main office is a busy place, and the instructional day for our team of teachers is equally busy and complex. Phone calls from the main office to staff members create a substantial disruption to all learners. Additionally, matching forgotten items with learners presents many challenges to all parties involved, and though we are happy and eager to help we are only able to prioritize the immediate delivery/retrieval of forgotten items that are emergent.


If your learner forgets an item, prior to bringing the item to the main office, we ask that families first consider if the item is, in fact, critical for the learner to have. If this item is deemed as essential and as one that the learner can not go without for the day, our main office team will be happy to receive the item and hold the item in the main office. Then, we will do our best to contact the teacher in a way that does not cause classroom disruption.


We very much appreciate your support in having discussions at home about being prepared as it is every learner's responsibility to remember items that are needed for school. We highly recommend setting all school materials out the night before school and establishing a family routine. Additionally, here's one interesting perspective (merely food for thought) on the topic of parenting and encouraging responsibility.


If a learner forgets an item at home, he or she should check with the main office during recess or at the beginning of lunch.


Learner Cell Phone Policy Reminder While on Campus

This is also a friendly reminder that our school cell phone policy is that all learner cell phones must be off and away when our learners step foot onto campus.


Learners should not be using personal cell phones or other devices (laptops, smart watches, etc.) to send text messages to families or to call home for these circumstances.


If a learner needs to communicate with home, we advise all learners to speak with their classroom teachers, who can best assist their learners and/or may grant a learner the special privilege to use the classroom phone or even to temporarily use a cell phone to contact home.


Similarly, if a parent or guardian needs to connect with their learner, we ask you call the main office (and avoid calling or texting your learners, whose phones should be off and away). When you call the main office, we can either send the learner a message or arrange for that communication. Our School Clerk Terri Anderson is the best contact for this. Please email her at [email protected] or call her directly at 619-860-5500, extension 3013.

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