SDUSD acknowledges the strong relationship between students' health and learning, and that the district's mission cannot be accomplished without explicitly planning for and supporting student health and wellness. The district has adopted the model, Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child, outlined by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This model includes the following components:

  • Physical Education,
  • Physical Activity,
  • Health Education,
  • Health Services,
  • Safe School Environment,
  • Social-Emotional Wellness,
  • Staff Wellness, Family and
  • Community Involvement.

Grant's School Wellness Committee brings together representation from the school and surrounding community to decide, communicate, and implement healthier policies and practices for our school. The goal of the committee each year is to assess the wellness of our school, and then set and implement three goals to improve overall school health. One goal will be set each year for the students, staff, and parent/community, and will be maintained as we set new goals each year.

Past goals were:

  1. Jump Rope for Heart for the students to increase participation in physical activity,
  2. VEBA Zumba for teachers to increase participation in physical activity, and
  3. Checking and clearing volunteers and securing the entryway to increase our campus safety.
  4. Students meditate and/or perform breathing exercises once a day or weekly to decrease stress levels, and learn stress management skills.
  5. Staff meditates and/or performs breathing exercises prior to staff meetings.
  6. Grant parents and community members participate in the Mission Hills 5K to increase their level of fitness and physical activity.
  7. Wellness incentive plan for teachers, including walking on Thursday minimum days
  8. Duty schedule for supervision on minimum days.
  9. Reinvigorating the recycling program and reducing packaging for snacks sold on campus.
  10. Review nutritional value of snacks sold on campus and limit them to popcorn and those drinks with only 100% juice.
  11. Continue to support wellness activities for students such as the Morning Running Club, Jump Rope Club, and crosscountry team after school.
  12. Pioneed Park clean-up once a month.

The Wellness Committee continues to meet and set goals for school. Parents and community members are welcome and encouraged to provided feedback to the committe for making healthy changes at our school. We are specifically looking for parents who would be interested in spearheading a before-school running club. Contact Coach K ([email protected]), if you are interested.

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